About BHLS

Who is BHLS?

Who is Business, Hospitality & Language School (BHLS) THAILAND?

Our Programs are Integrated with Real Life Industrial Needs

Learning should be conducted as closely integrated with real-life needs as possible. Whether our students want to become business owners, managers or front line employees, BHLS combines teaching with real-life experiences in as many parts of the programs as possible.

BHLS Campus

Unique Teaching Methods

BHLS adopts teaching methods often used in short course training such as active gaming, role play, interactive materials – all to secure that learning is fun. BHLS also wherever possible cultivate action learning, by combining classroom training with work in real jobs integrated into the school program.

Many schools today combine business simulation e.g. working at a hotel or restaurant into classroom learning. BHLS goes the extra mile and let students run a real-life business.

BHLS believes that when individuals are taken seriously, they will in turn take their own actions more seriously. Such is the rationale to foster learning in real-life situations under a controlled environment.

Hotel Reception

BHLS' Mission

To provide our students access to quality education and an opportunity to afford international education which would help them pursue successful careers internationally and more importantly in Thailand.

BHLS' Vision

To build an enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience through unique and proven teaching methods to give our graduates an advantage in the ever-evolving hospitality and business industries.