BHLS Experience

Internship Program

BHLS offers Internship Programs in Thailand & Globally

BHLS offers internships in Thailand and global-oriented internships which gives students a global skill building experience.

Students are able to look for an internship position themselves and BHLS will assist them in their quest as well.

Internships provide students with an experience that enhances a student’s sense of responsibility and encourages them to become independent and productive individuals.

Hotel Reception

Internships in Thailand

Customer Service Skills

Internship training may be embedded into some of the study programs at BHLS and offers students the opportunity:

  • of participating in one (1) internship training per academic year in an organisation that has been carefully selected and vetted by BHLS
  • to gain paid work experience in a Thai business & hospitality organisation 
  • to experience the business & hospitality industry in Thailand

In the first year, the internship will be at a junior support role, where the student will practice the skills that they learned during their first six months at BHLS. 

  • School of Business students will train in administrative roles
  • School of Hospitality students will train in either service, housekeeping or other supportive roles

In the second year, the internship will see students taking on more responsibilities and may have contact with clients and guests.

BHLS is dedicated to assisting students achieve the best learning opportunity possible during their internship training.

Global Internship

Besides internship in Thailand, BHLS together with My Global World Education Group provide an opportunity for students to do their internship in other countries such as the USA, UK, EU, Australia, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), etc.

Global internships are available for an additional fee. Salary and other benefits depend on each country.

Students must have the appropriate language level for the country they are planning to complete their internship in.

Kindly contact the Career Centre for more details.