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Entry Requirements
Career Opportunities

English Conversational Program

The English Conversational program is based on communicative teaching and learning practices. The English Conversational program is an intensive two-level, full-time program designed for international students who wish to improve their English speaking & listening skills.

If you’re an international student, this program will help you build on and improve your speaking &  listening skills for success in college, university or your career.

Next Application Deadline: 

  • International Students:  please contact the Student Services Office
  • EU/Swiss Students: please contact the Student Services Office

Classes begin: please contact the Student Services Office

Entry Requirements

  • A minimum age of 16 at enrollment.
  • All students must show competence in English at a level equal to IELTS 4.0 minimum.
  • BHLS will provide a speaking & listening tests to assess a student’s English level and place the student into the appropriate English conversational level.

Career Opportunities

The English Conversational program offers you the opportunity to improve your English speaking & listening skills, which is advantageous when applying to college/university or for your career.


BHLS Campus

Please contact the Admissions Office for tuition fees.

Why Study the English Conversational Program at BHLS?

At BHLS we provide our students with:

  • English language requirements for the workplace, for education and for everyday life.
  • experiential speaking & listening activities to learn English in everyday situations.
  • the flexibility to be an active participant in their own learning.
  • experiencing other international students.
  • 100 hours of instruction per semester with regular assessments to measure their progress.
  • confidence to live at ease in an English-speaking environment at college, university or work.
  • with a greater understanding of the English language.
English Conversational Program

Program Structure

Students will have access to:  Beginner to Intermediate Level course: 100 hours + online self study

Students will have access to:  Intermediate to Advanced Level: 100 hours + online self study

Please note:  Students will be placed into one of the levels depending on the results of a placement test that will ensure the student is in the correct conversational level.

Beginner to Intermediate Level


For students with the ability to hold a basic conversation using English language skills at a minimum to fair level of understanding.  This class will increase confidence and allow students to be more comfortable holding a conversation in English and increase vocabulary.  

This level is for non-native speakers, who have some level of proficiency with English speaking and listening skills.

Intermediate to Advanced Level


For students who are comfortable in verbal English language communication, but looking to improve fluency and engage in more complex discussion.

This course is for non-native speakers of English who want to improve their English speaking & listening skills.

Note:  The courses listed above for this program are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date and meet industry needs as well as the latest teaching methods. On occasion, we may need to make unexpected changes to the courses – if this occurs, we will contact all registered students as soon as possible.

English Conversational Program

Advanced Diploma